Thursday, May 27, 2010

There will be blood, or maybe a strawberry parfait

Um, not sure what to say about this discovery outside the Coop. I can't tell if someone dropped a strawberry parfait or a jar with brain matter. It tasted more like a parfait.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why there's been an uptick in the upchuck on Cooper Square

Well, there are some suspicious looking splats here on the southwest corner of the Cooper Square academic building... Nothing looking too much like the work of the dreaded Serial Vomiter...

As we stood there suavely swabbing the evidence, we stopped to each our lunch. Munching on chili dogs, our eyes gazed up in the air toward the south where we thought we saw a billboard for desert-friendly leg waxing kits... and....

Of course! No wonder there have been more splats here! And just think when people actually have to watch the movie...Yuk, yuk. Yuck.

Thank you New York for making us the fastest-growing blog about the Cooper Union Serial Vomiter probably in the world

Well, we're not ones to toot out own horns, though we are guilty of starting sentences with "well" too many times.

Anyway, the EV Heave IT Director and our Web Evangelist recently Skyped me to tell me the fantastic news: This modest site has grown over the most recent month by an astonishing 475 percent! This, according to an analysis of our most recent analysis.

Wow! Considering this site is brand new and these numbers are compared to a previous month of zereos, we're thrilled! Thank you for reading! Plus, thanks for coming to this site!