Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where I've been

The other day, local hyperlocal blogger EV Grieve published a post on his weblet about a young woman throwing up out the window at Motorino.

There was some insinuation, innuendo and inoculation like: Where was EV Heave for all this?

Well, busybody commenters, I was waiting for the results from the Barf Lab to relay the scoop. But if you must know now.

I've been busy trying to reconstruct just what happened here.

Using our patented RetchRecreator, we have determined that someone roughly 4 feet tall, drunk, obvs, staggered up to this rather hidden enclave on the southern corner of the Coop. First, our subject leaned his or head against the wall, muttering "what is in a Lemon Drop anyway?" before placing his or her head against the pillar. As you can see, it appears the first projectile hit the upright pillar, causing the subject to teeter, and leaving the rest of the deposit on the sidewalk.

Again, the is is merely speculation. Again (again), I was waiting for the final results. You people really need to relax.

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