Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When will the Cooper Union invest in a sawdust bucket?

So! As EV Grieve has been reporting, a serial vomiter has been targeting the newish Cooper Union building. First, the editors at EV Heave want to thank EV Grieve for all the work on this...

Anyway! So last weekend, the Serial Vomiter struck again.

We also spotted a few other suspicious-looking piles... the first is, well, sweet Jesus we really don't want to know what this is exactly...

And this? Well! At least someone (or something!) was nice enough to cover it with newspapers. (And think if this publication was online only! Gonna cover this with your laptop?)

As awful as all this is, we think we caught a break in the case: A set of poopy prints!

It is our belief that the Serial Vomiter, so intent on his or her end goal, unknowingly walked in doggie doo... and left a valuable clue. We sent a sample to the BSI lab for analysis.

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